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Výživné soli pro kvasinky, specifické pro výrobu sektů.

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Wine Yeast Nutrient in miniTubesTM: specific nutrition for second fermentation


We have applied the well-known miniTubesTM Technology to yeast nutrients. With the wynTube (Wine Yeast Nutrient in miniTubes) range NO DUST… NO MESS… NO WASTE objectives have been obtained even with fermentation nutrients.


wynTube Spuma supplies organic and inorganic (ammonium phosphate) and cell walls, all elements essential to ensure fast and secure fermentation kinetics and limit the production of stress metabolites such as sulfur compounds.

Survival factors, vitamins, trace elements, favor cell vitality and therefore guarantee impeccable sensory profiles. Thiamine in particular limits the production of acetaldehyde and pyruvic acid.

Thanks to the yeast derivative, rich in reduced glutathione and reductive peptides, with wynTube Spuma use the wine aroma and colour is protected over time.


Ideally, it should be used during the second fermentation, in order to take advantage of the synergy between the complex nutrient and antioxidant properties of the glutathione and reductive peptides, to get particularly clean and elegant wines. This combination provides freshness and longevity to the aromatic notes, taste and colour obtained during the fermentation. The low riboflavin content helps prevent “light strike” during the wine’s shelf life. The matching with specific yeast helps also obtain the desired aromatic profile: to obtain aromatic complexity we recommend Fervens Brio, whereas for fruity notes Fervens Fragrance, to optimize the fermentation kinetics Fervens Pro6 or Enodoc BV03, for the classic method Enodoc BM04. wynTube Spuma can also be used in the pied de cuve.


From 10 to 40 g/hl. Dissolve wynTube Spuma in water 1:10 ratio, wait 10 minutes, mix well and add to the must.


2 kg and 10 kg bags.

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Další informace

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1 kg, 2 kg

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